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What to do to be a Carer

Do you want to be a nursing home carer?

If you already know that you would like a job as a residential homes carer, fill in the application form and we’ll start the process.

Why be a nursing home carer with Doxtelcare ?

You get the work you want: We have enough clients to give our residential homes carers the work they want, when they want it. We are so confident that our residential homes carers will get enough work that we offer all carers who graduate from our training course a guarantee of earnings.

We look after you: Being a residential homes carer is hard work. Which is why we have a specialist team, whose only job is to give support and help to carers. Whether you want advice about medication or the documents you need to keep for your tax return, our team is there to help you. This support is one of the main reasons that so many carers stay so long with Doxtelcare .
We train you for the job: Our two week, free training course is exceptional, and equips our carers to be able to do almost any caring task. Further, in-depth, condition specific training is also available, free of charge.
Pay: Our carers earn an average of £485 a week, and have free board and lodging when they work, this is for full qualified staff.

What are we looking for?

  1. A caring nature: To be a good home carer, you must want to care. You must be compassionate and want to make other people’s lives better. So even if you have no previous experience but have a caring nature, we would still like to hear from you.
  2. Visa: You must be legally allowed to work in the UK. If you are unsure if you can legally work in the UK please look at the home office website. Please note that we are unable to assist with, or sponsor, visa applications.
  3. Good spoken English: Our live-in care clients need to understand you and you need to be able to understand them. So we need to know that you can speak and understand English well. We will carry out a telephone interview with you to help us judge this.
  4. Cooking skills: It is important that you are able to cook. You must be able to prepare basic English meals, from scratch. The BBC or Channel 4 recipe websites are particularly good resource here.
  5. Ideally, a driving licence: It is not vital that you have a driving license, though it is an huge advantage to both you and our clients. If you hold a non-EU driving license you can drive legally in the UK for up to 12 months from when you entered Great Britain (GB). This includes any small vehicle (such as a car or motorcycle) listed on your full and valid license. If you hold a license from any other EU country you can drive any type of vehicle listed on your valid license, however some insurance companies in the UK may not cover you when driving for a client unless you change this to a full UK license. For more information please visit the government pages on driving.

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